Troubadour Puppets

Elizabeth Coleman's







Having completed a full dramatic training, Elizabeth Coleman toured in Africa and in Britain, visiting schools, colleges and other groups with her own Puppet Theatre.  She assisted Olive Blackham with her 1960 tour of British Colleges when Olive was giving lecture-demonstrations to students.

The same year, Elizabeth was invited to represent Britain at the Second International Puppet Festival in Bucharest and from 1962 to 1967, she worked as Wardrobe Mistress on the AP Films productions of "Fireball XL5", "Stingray" and "Thunderbirds".


Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor
Thai Dancer Marionette
Thai Dancer
Midsummer Night's Dream Glove Puppets
Titania & Bottom
3 Bears Glove Puppets
The Three Bears
Sir Eglamore & the Dragon
Sir Eglamore & the Dragon

Marionette Film by Elizabeth Coleman
"The Rehearsal" a 16-minute Marionette Film
Script & Music by Rosamond Bryan
Camera & Lighting by Phyllis Fisher